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Need some pep talk on a Monday morning.


Need some pep talk to get started in the following week. Check This site has great posts about life in general as well as tips to succeed. The following are some of my favorite posts from 1. Life is a game. This is your strategy guide. – Wish some one had handed me […]

Some great life changing tips from James Clear.


I came across James Clear from my tweet list. This guy is multi-talented and multi-faceted. He writes concise posts which hit the nail on the head often. He usually writes about self-development and is really good at it. Every sentence is worth underlining ans emphasising. His site is worth the visit. I have created […]

Miracle of self discipline – audio book notes.


The following are the notes of my listening to the Miracle of Self discipline audio book by Brian Tracy. Decision of clear thinking think from all angles sit for 30-60 mins with the problem write down all points and think think abt the assumptions made about the situation or the problem