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Need some pep talk on a Monday morning.


Need some pep talk to get started in the following week. Check This site has great posts about life in general as well as tips to succeed. The following are some of my favorite posts from 1. Life is a game. This is your strategy guide. – Wish some one had handed me […]

Some great life changing tips from James Clear.


I came across James Clear from my tweet list. This guy is multi-talented and multi-faceted. He writes concise posts which hit the nail on the head often. He usually writes about self-development and is really good at it. Every sentence is worth underlining ans emphasising. His site is worth the visit. I have created […]

My first open source paid app on Nokia Store : Brahma – Screen capture “reinvented”.


After coding on & off for around 8 months I have finally published my first paid app on Nokia Store, Brahma. Brahma is my vision of a screen shot application. I was bored of seeing the setting item list layout of most screen capture applications. So me with my wife designed & coded Brahma. Brahma […]

KSTDC Tirupathi tour package experience.


Booking The reservation was done online through the KSTDC site. The site is very basic, but quite functional. The specific seats in the Volvo bus can also be blocked. We were charged a total of Rs. 3400 for the whole package . The package that we took was the 1 day tour of Tirupathi(Lord Venketeshwara […]

Finding rented accomodation in Bengaluru.


Moving to Bengaluru has been a mixed experience. A few weeks before the final shift to Bangalore the great search for an apartment was kicked off. It took us nearly 4 weeks of finalise the place. In this process we nearly saw around 30 flats and independent houses before finalizing on one. So here are […]

Best free tool to remove EXIF information.


Images contain EXIF information, which can contain enough private data to cause privacy issue. I found a very nifty tool to remove all the exif information from images in one click. It’s called¬†Easy Exif Delete. It just has one screen, to add the image files, and in one click you can clear all the exif […]

Spotted : BlueTiger Motion Simulator.


Recently I saw a BlueTiger Motion Simulator, which is basically an advanced awesome car racing rig. The whole setup with 3 monitors and real time motion simulator was very cool. It was playing one of the Formula One Sims. I found it a bit too jerky. Check the pics below. Currently they are offering a […] Ovi feeds app published.


Now stay in touch with latest blog posts from all three blogs in a single app. The feeds app generated using the Ovi AppWizard has been approved. Just click on the image below to download the feeds app from Ovi Store.

Feeling frustrated, listen to Main Khuda.


Anurag Kashyap’s first movie, Paanch, which was never cleared by the Indian Films Censor Board, has one epic song. Feeling down or frustrated listen to Main Khuda. Watch out for KayKay, playing the perfect lead singer & also you would notice Abhijeet from CID in the band playing guitar. Lyrics of Main Khuda.

Movie Impressions: Kungfu Panda 2


Saw at Innovative Multiplex, Marathahalli Ticket price : Rs. 100 3D/2D : 2D What works? As usual the animation is amazing. The detail in that goes in the each scene is really amazing. In the first installment if view of “Birth Place of Kungfu” was breath-taking with its colorful landscape, in Kungfu Panda2 (KP2), the […]