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Finding rented accomodation in Bengaluru.

Moving to Bengaluru has been a mixed experience. A few weeks before the final shift to Bangalore the great search for an apartment was kicked off. It took us nearly 4 weeks of finalise the place. In this process we nearly saw around 30 flats and independent houses before finalizing on one. So here are some main points to keep in mind while finding a rented accomodation place in Bangalore.

Where to start?
The various places where you can find rent listings are as follows:

  • Message boards/ Forums in IT companies : If you are moving to Bengaluru, and if you have some friends here in IT companies then you can ask them to find such postings on the company internal forums as well.
  • Sites like, : Best place to find owner posted ads.
  • Local classifieds newspapers like AdMag.
  • Local estate agents.
  • Classified sites like

There are usually listing by agents regarding flats for rent. But sometimes there are listings by owners as well.  The main advantage of contacting an agent is the options he/she can provide. The agent will usually show you 2-3 houses per locality and you can even ask him to negotiate with the owner for the rent. The flip side being you will have to pay a month’s rent as commission to the agent. So contacting the owner directly you can save on this commission. This may be a substantial amount depending on what place you rent.

What options are available?

  • Independent houses
  • These are usually a single or at most double room with kitchen and bathroom. The room sizes vary from place to place, but you will have to find the one that suits you. The rent again is dependent on the locality. In areas like BTM 2nd stage a 1BHK in an independent house can cost upto Rs. 8K easily, where as in Shivajinagar a 2BHK can come for 12k. Also in these houses, amenities like power backup and gym cannot be expected. These are perfect for bachelors. Don’t expect major amenities, but the houses are quite secure. The maintenance cost will be minimum here.

  • Single building apartments
  • There are many single building apartments. These usually have the same amenities, like lift & power backup etc., as multi-building apartments, but the some things like garden, swimming pool & walking area within the apartment complex are usually not present. They have usually 20-25% less rent than multi-building apartment complexes. The rent + maintenance can be in the range sub 20k. This is usually the best you can get, if you are on a budget.

  • Multi-building apartments
  • These are the big projects, the Sobhas and the Purva apartment complexes. The rent is usually on the higher side. Expect to spend 20K+ on the rent + maintenance. The amenities are going to be better than the first two options, but consequently the maintenance is going to be higher as well. These complexes are usually gated communities so if you have small children and elders, this is the most ideal option.

Things to check at new place

  • Availability
  • While most of the residences are available immediately for occupation, some may be available later. The delay could be any of the reasons from cleaning and painting the place, to vacating the current tenants. So it would be better to check the availability.

  • Locality
  • This is very important as it will decide the safety at the new place. Avoid totally deserted complexes. They may be cheap, but then the night time movement will be greatly restricted.

  • Water supply
  • Bangalore Corporation provides Kaveri river water. This supply is very meagre and cannot sustain most of the household chores. So its better to check the split of the Kaveri and borewell water supply. If tankers are used to provide water then it will increase the maintenance charges as well.

  • Maintenance charges
  • Make sure that each item contributing towards maintenance is clear to you. The society maintenance charges should be borne by the owner, while small house related repiars etc. can be borne by the tenant.

  • Terms and conditions
  • The renting terms and conditions should be finalized, as some owners may prefer veg-only families. So make all the terms clear to avoid later surprises.

  • Commute distance from the office
  • One of the most important factor is to keep the commute distance to as minimum as possible. In Bangalore traffic jams, each kilometer counts. Each 10 km is going to take off 2 hours from each day of your life. So try to be within 10 km from your office, else be prepared to spend 3 to 4 hours just commuting.

  • Connectivity with the main road in your area
  • This may not be the most important factor, while choosing a house. But if you plan to travel using office cabs, its better to stay near the ring roads. The ring roads are well connected by the BMTC buses. So you can have various options for commuting. Also the shuttle buses of various companies usually ply on the main roads, so proximity to such main roads can be beneficial.

  • Shops in and around
  • Finally make sure there are grocery stores in and around, else getting simple rations like bread and egg can be a big task.

These are a few tips from my side. Feel free to add more in the comments.