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Spotted : BlueTiger Motion Simulator.

Recently I saw a BlueTiger Motion Simulator, which is basically an advanced awesome car racing rig. The whole setup with 3 monitors and real time motion simulator was very cool. It was playing one of the Formula One Sims. I found it a bit too jerky. Check the pics below.



Currently they are offering a 10 minute ride for 150 bucks.

Images taken with a Nokia N8. And on a unrelated note , wordpress seems to be incapable of handling its super resolution and uploading the images the throwing out of memory errors.

  • The unit should not be running with such high motion settings. If it is jerky then the operator should be reducing the motion settings to provide enough motion to provide an exciting ride. Running BlueTiger at such high settings will eventually lead to damage and possibly injury to the rider. the user manual provides guidelines for settings for cars like an F1 GP car which are definitely lower than shown in this video¬†

  • This was basically on the very first day. Probably they would have set it to the right settings later.