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Monthly Archives: June 2011 Ovi feeds app published.


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Feeling frustrated, listen to Main Khuda.


Anurag Kashyap’s first movie, Paanch, which was never cleared by the Indian Films Censor Board, has one epic song. Feeling down or frustrated listen to Main Khuda. Watch out for KayKay, playing the perfect lead singer & also you would notice Abhijeet from CID in the band playing guitar. Lyrics of Main Khuda.

Movie Impressions: Kungfu Panda 2


Saw at Innovative Multiplex, Marathahalli Ticket price : Rs. 100 3D/2D : 2D What works? As usual the animation is amazing. The detail in that goes in the each scene is really amazing. In the first installment if view of “Birth Place of Kungfu” was breath-taking with its colorful landscape, in Kungfu Panda2 (KP2), the […]

Movie Impressions: Thor


Saw at PVR Cinemas, Forum Mall, Kormangala Ticket price : Rs. 180 3D/2D : 2D What works? The CG is really pretty. Especially the scenes where Thor’s home world of Asgard is shown. It’s visually striking and the most memorable part of the movie was in Asgard only. The casting works as well. All the […]

NASA is SENDing YOUR NAME TO MARS : Me & my wife sent them.


Jet Propulsion Laboratory(JPL) has a Mars Science Laboratory(MSL) which has a unique project underway.Under the Send Your Name to Mars project they are taking names from world over. Those names will be taken in microchip put on the Mars Rover enroute to Mars in 2011. Me and my wife have added our names already. There […]