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Miracle of self discipline – audio book notes.

The following are the notes of my listening to the Miracle of Self discipline audio book by Brian Tracy.

Decision of clear thinking
think from all angles
sit for 30-60 mins with the problem
write down all points and think
think abt the assumptions made about the situation or the problem

Set goals
think about goals in life.
write down goals.
10-15 goals for a day.
10-15 goals in present tense
review the goals everyday in the morning.

Daily time management
make a list of the things to do the next day.
write it down and organise the list
arrange task in A-B-C-D order
never do a B task if an A task is still remaining

Practice courage
identify one fear and face it.

Excellent health habits
set with targets for the healthy body
plan regime accordingly
exercise everyday

Save and invest regularly
stay out of debt
investigate before investing
spend more time investigating the investing decisions
for wherever money is being investing, never lose money on investments
pay cash as much as possible.
avoid payments thru cards

Work all the time you work
dont waste time in other stuff
start a bit early on work
dont waste time on distractions like surfing aimlessly on internet.
check mail once a day only

Stay uptodate
keep learning and read books for one hour a day.
the more you learn the more you earn

Persist when you feel to quit

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  • Mica

    Thank you so much for this 🙂 This is just what I’m looking for.